About Us


Izemall was founded by young Malawians who had passion for freedom, the need for convenience, the desire to differentiate essential from auxiliary tasks. They were driven by the need to save time for more productive business and work demands; providing individuals time to spend with their family and friends while at the same time being able to accomplish time consuming but necessary tasks such as shopping. In response they came up with the idea of setting up an online shopping platform. In ensuring that the innovation should not be limiting but rather empowering and enabling, they created Izemall.com to be a platform that hosts different businesses. With Izemall.com more people have an opportunity to sell on the platform, consequently, empowering the customer with diverse products, competitive prices and a memorable shopping experience.

The development of Izemall.com started in 2017 and the platform was launched the same year. However, Izemall.com faced diverse challenges including problems with the payment systems which was crucial to the sustainability and operation of the business. The project was halted as the team searched for alternative solutions to ensure that Izemall.com delivers high standard quality services to its customers. The Izemall.com team always believes that the platform either offers the best service or none at all. Izemall.com values making the customer experience that which brings about freedom resultantly making life easy.

Izemall.com is here now, better than before, with more dynamic and innovative solutions for the use and pleasure of you, our customers. Izemall.com is here to make your life easy. Taking the burden from you of driving in the congested roads of our city going to a shop, only to be treated to a long que and if that is not enough, laboring carrying the products back to your car. Izemall.com is here to save you time, to provide you the convenience and making you the master of your purchases. When you purchase on Izemall.com, the goods will be delivered to the address of your choice the same day, for purchases done before 4pm. Currently, home delivery is being implemented in Lilongwe only but our team is tirelessly working on making the service available in the other cities within Malawi.


Our Vision is to be a leader in e-commerce in Africa through technological innovation.


Making Life Easy


Our Mission is to offer excellent service to our customers through innovation, diligence, and integrity by development of our team and a leading platform for businesses to flourish.


Izemall.com provides a platform through which sellers can display their products for their prospective customers. It is envisaged that sellers which have their merchandise on the platform will experience high return on their sales through visibility.

Secondly the platform allows buyers to search for different products of their interest and compare prices, then have the merchandise delivered at their doorstep. This experience provides freedom to the buyers as they save time and other resources.

Izemall.com further provides a service to its strategic partners such as banks, mobile money platforms by allowing them to provide support service to their customers. Hence creating a symbiotic relationship.

Lastly, Izemall.com provides an opportunity for sellers and other service providers to advertise on the platform to increase the visibility of their brand or service.



Izemall Limited can be contacted as follows:

Beit Street, Off Mtunthama Drive
Plot # 3/167
P.O Box 40555
Lilongwe 4

+265 980 24 24 54 / +265 885 44 55 33

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