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Izemall Limited, a company incorporated in Malawi under the companies Act of 2013, owns Izemall.com. The company was founded in 2016 and registered in 2017.

The emergency of internet has brought opportunities for people and businesses to interact online. This has influenced how business is done and has precipitated wealth for individuals, companies and even governments. Izemall.com has been established to provide an e-commerce solution to Malawian consumers and businesses by providing a platform to do business. Izemall.com will provide the linkage between one business to another and between businesses and consumers. On Izemall.com traders will open shops and consumers will be able to transact online. The idea is that the transactions between the trader and the consumer will commence and be completed online while the goods will later be dispatched to the consumer. Izemall.com will act as the intermediary between the two parties.


Our Vision is to be a leader in e-commerce in Africa through technological innovation.




Our Mission is to offer excellent service to our customers through innovations, diligence, integrity and cheerfulness, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform for businesses to flourish.


Izemall.com provides a platform through which traders can display their products for their prospective customers. It is envisaged that traders that will have their merchandise on the platform will experience high return on their sales through visibility.

Secondly the platform will allow consumers to search for different products of their interest and compare prices, then have the merchandise delivered at their doorstep. This simplifies life of the consumers as it saves time and other resources.

In addition, Izemall.com will insure all goods in transit, thus providing surety that in case of any eventualities before the goods are delivered, the goods will be covered.

Izemall.com will further provide a service to its strategic partners such as banks by allowing them to provide support service to its customers. Hence creating a symbiotic relationship.

Lastly, Izemall.com provides an opportunity for traders and other service providers to advertise on the platform to increase the visibility of their brand or service.



Izemall Limited can be contacted as follows:


Development House
4th Floor, Room 409
P.O Box 31352
Chichiri Blantyre 3.


Area 49 New Gulliver
P.O Box 40555
Lilongwe 4

+265 999 274 816; +265 888 957 257

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