Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions users usually ask that you may have been wondering as well.

When you want to register as a user, click on Register at the top of the izemall website and create an account. We’ll need your full name, e-mail address or phone number, and a password at least 6 characters long.

In addition, when registering you will be prompted to add delivery addresses of your preference. You are allowed to add a number of addresses. Please make sure you provide adequate information that would make it easier to locate your address. Where possible use Google map to pin point your location. At any time you can change the details of your address if need be.

By registering at izemall, it allows us to provide you specialized service based on the buying history. In addition this enhances the security of the buyers and the shop owners. When you are a registered buyer, we are able to inform you of the new products on the mall, thus you can never miss your favorite product that is on offer.

First Step: Search for the Product you would like to buy
You can use keyword search boxes that are located on almost every page of the website. You will also find links that will allow you to browse lists and more detailed product-specific searches on top and left navigation bar of each department. When you find a product that you like, click the item or the title/ name of the product to see more details. Prices will usually be indicated beside or below the image of the item.
Second Step: Add to cart
When you have found the product/s that you want to buy Click on Add to cart. The shopping cart keeps all the products that you have chosen to buy. Once you’ve added a product to your shopping cart, you can go back and keep searching for products and adding to your cart. You can access the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the cart button at the top right of any page on the izemall website.

You can also add products to your Wish List, which is a convenient list of all the products that you do not want to check out immediately, or which are out of stock but that you want to remember for later. You can move products between your shopping cart and your Wish List. Remember, products have to be in your shopping cart for you to check out.
Third Step. Check out
To enter checkout, go to your shopping cart and click on the “Checkout” button.

At this stage, you will now be prompted to log in or register, if you are not already logged in. After registering or logging in, the system will take you to the checkout page (if you are already a registered customer, clicking on checkout will take you directly to the checkout page).

On the checkout page, you will have to verify the list of the products in your shopping cart. Select your preferred order claim option under the cart items table. If you or someone else wishes to collect the ordered items from the respective shop(s) directly, you will be required to enter personal details of the one to pick up the items. If you wish to have your ordered items delivered to an address, you will also be required to select a delivery address if you already saved it in your Address Book, or enter a new delivery address.

If you elected to have your order delivered to an address, click on the “Get Quote” button for the system to calculate your delivery cost which will then be added to the products cost to create a grand total of your purchase.

If you have a voucher or promotional coupon details insert them where applicable and click on the "Apply Coupon" button under the coupon code input field.

At this stage, you may now click on "Proceed To Payment" to make your payment.

A complete order summary will now display with all the details of your complete order. If you are paying through third party systems such as Airtel Money sure you quote the order number.

You can pay for the goods bought on izemall through Airtel money, and using your debit card. Cheque and cash can be deposited to izemall account. However, remember to quote the order number on the deposit slip. Make sure you have paid for both the products and the delivery costs where applicable and retain the proof of deposit/transfer in case of queries.

  1. Airtel Money Payment

    Dial *211#

    Select 3-Make Payment

    Select 1-Pay Bill

    Select 6-Other

    Use “Izemall” as the nickname

    Write the amount you want to pay for (delivery and product cost)

    On the reference, write the order number as shown on the checkout page (four digit number)

    Then you will receive notification from Airtel of the payment.

  2. Debit Card Payment

    On the checkout page you click “go to payment” and thus you will be redirected to the payment portal

    Select whether you are suing visa card or MasterCard

    Then enter your card number (the long number in front of your card)

    Then enter the last 3 digits (CVV) that are at the back of your card

    If the card is being used for the first time buying things online, a text will be sent to the registered number for confirmation. Enter the confirmation code you receive through the SMS, and then confirm the payment.

  3. Cheque or cash deposit

    Izemall has a bank account with Ecobank, thus as a customer you can make payment through cheque or cash deposit.

    Izemall’s account details are as follows:

    • Account Name: Izemall Limited
    • Bank: EcoBank
    • Branch: Lilongwe Old Town
    • Account Number: 0080027004592401

Products bought from shops within the same city/district you reside in will take a maximum of 24hours* to be delivered. If such an order is made before 2pm, the goods will be delivered the same day.

Products bought from another city or town from the one you reside in, it will take a maximum of 48hours* for the goods to be delivered.

*note that these are just estimates, sometimes it will take lesser time and sometimes longer because of circumstances beyond our control.

Where you need to provide your delivery information, your browser will automatically ask you to “Allow Location Access”, if you click yes, the system automatically find your location using Google maps. We recommend you also check the "Remember my choice" box so you are never bothered again. If you want the order to be delivered to a different location from where you are then you can ignore “Allow Location Access” then manually locate the delivery location on Google map provided on the page.

On the google map add a marker (a red marker) to the location that you want the goods to be delivered. This does not mean that you will not be prompted to provide details of the location. The Google map location is be a supplement to the details provided.

As a registered customer, you can track your order in your account. At the top of any page just click on “My Account” then click on “My Orders”, thus you will be able to track the status of your order.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that there is a receiver at the address they are sending the order to. The receiver can be the buyer him/herself or any person they designate to be a receiver. The receiver should not be minor. When receiving the products the receiver will need to sign off the delivery and provide their 4-digit order number. Thus the buyer/customer will need to provider the order number to the designated receiver, in case where the customer is not the one receiving it.

If for any reason the delivery person does not find a receiver, they will make a call to the customer notifying them of the same and checking if there is an alternative close by. Otherwise, the goods will be returned to Izemall, where the customer can come to collect them or can pay again for the delivery cost.

Note that the delivery personnel cannot be told to wait for you or any receiver to come home, because that may cause congestion of deliveries, hence affecting our service

Buying on creates a convenience by saving you

  1. Time - imagine how much time is wasted in moving in congested traffic in town, the time you spend selecting products in shops, the time you spend comparing prices of products, all this is cleared by shopping on
  2. Resources - each time you go shopping in town you spend a lot of money paying for fuel or passenger fee if using public transport, thus helps save money.
  3. Safety - each time you move out of your house there is a risk, risk of an accident, risk of someone stealing from you among others, thus takes away these risks from you and delivers the products directly to you.
  4. By buying online with, you are preserving our environment, instead of yourself driving and contributing to the emissions, you are saving the environment by parking your car and buying online.
  5. By buying on Izemall you join the movement of promoting Malawian small and medium businesses.