Royco Mchuzi Mix-Beef flavor

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Royco Mchuzi Mix is available as a Spicy Beef Flavor Food Seasoning. That makes food taste and smell better. It makes food look better too! It leaves the people asking for more food.

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It adds a Spicy Beef Flavor to the food. Royco is a food seasoning that has been in the market for a while now and has been used while in the kitchen to enrich the flavor and taste of many meals. Royco is used in the kitchen to help add color, and enriching your meals so that the whole family can enjoy. It enhances the taste and the smell of your food making the food delicious such that your family cannot help asking for more. Royco can be used on different foods like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, kale, spinach and other greens. You can even add Royco to flavor rice, potatoes and arrowroots. Royco is a blend of: Herbs & spices, cornstarch, salt & flavor enhancers

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