Sta-soft®Aromatherapy Relax 500ml

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Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Relax allows you to indulge in a sense of all day tranquillity with 50% more fragrance*. The calming scents of nature unite to soothe your sense and make your clothes burst with an irresistible and long-lasting freshness* while keeping them incredibly soft and looking newer for longer. *vs Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance

K 1,917.30

  • Awakens your senses with essential oil fragrances
  • Contains Touch Release Technology with microcapsules for a longer lasting fragrance*
  • Unbeatable Softness
  • Makes ironing Easy and Pleasant
  • Clothes look newer for longer
  • Clothes will be static free

*vs Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance

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