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Moisturiser Tub 400 g A family-sized favourite with a distinctive lilac lid that makes it easy to spot in a nappy bag

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Epi-max® Baby & Junior is a gentle all-purpose moisturiser for babies and children. It can be used as a soap substitute that doubles up as a moisturiser and is gentle and mild enough to use from birth.


Daily use of Epi-max® Baby & Junior will help keep your little one's skin properly hydrated for optimum strength and protection.


Skin irritations can be aggravated by harsh soaps or fragranced bath products. Epi-max® Baby & Junior products can be used as a soap substitute from birth onwards to gently cleanse your child while leaving their skin soft and moisturised. Emollient can make the skin and bath surface slippery so be extra careful when taking your child out of the bath.

You may prefer to use Epi-max® directly on the skin as a moisturiser: pat your child dry with a clean towel and apply Epi-max®.


A gentle massage with Epi-max® before bedtime is also a bonding opportunity between parent and child. Older children can be taught to apply their own moisturiser before bed while you help with hard to reach spots like the back.

All day moisturising protection

Epi-max® is an all-day, everyday favourite. Give your child a good start to the day by applying a layer of Epi-max® to their skin each morning

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